Mission Hill “Main Street”

Almost everyday I take the 66 bus from Parker and Tremont, and every time I am there I notice the issues in that forgotten area.  The other day I saw holiday wreaths on the storefronts noting this was “Mission Hill Main Street”.  ’How ironic’, I thought….

This wreath hangs on an empty storefront masked with graffiti, the sidewalk in front is full of litter and weeds. I wonder who thinks icon of a Main Street helps.  A trash can would be better….

The view from the other side of Tremont at the intersection of Huntington Ave (known as Brigham Circle) is a different story.  As you move North along Tremont away from Ruggles Station the care and upkeep becomes greater, trash cans and benches near bus stops are more frequent, and the storefronts are filled with successful businesses.  Yes, this is a major intersection,  but it seems only fitting that as much care and upkeep would go into the area near Ruggles Station. Why such a big difference?

There are a few things that are happening closer to Ruggles Station that do not happen all the way along Tremont.  For instance there is an apartment complex on the east side of the street near the Parker intersection that clearly interrupts the “Main Street” atmosphere.   Tremont at that point is much wider and harder to cross for pedestrians.  I can not even find a pedestrian crossing sign or signal near Parker St. There is also a major issue that the majority of the storefronts are empty. Where is the funding to support small local businesses?  There are also no benches or trash cans in that area.

If you strengthen that the connection between Ruggles Station and Brigham Circle you may be able to call Tremont the Main Street of Mission Hill.